Groota FAQ


Where do the home feeds come from?

The feed is compiled of: Groota's pre-processed emails, and emails from your Gmail account (if you linked your Gmail). When you chose to "follow" a brand, its newsletters will show up in the home feed.

The brands and newsletters from your Gmail will have a blue inbox icon next to it.

What are "follow", "unfollow" and "skip"?

For each sender (brand) from your Gmail, you have the option to follow, unfollow or skip its newsletters.

When you choose follow, Groota will move its newsletters from Promotions folder to a folder called "Groota" in your Gmail, and show them in Groota home feed.

When you choose unfollow, Groota will move its newsletters from Promotions folder to Trash folder, and they won't show up in Groota home feed.

When you choose skip, Groota will not touch its newsletters. Most likely those newsletters stay in Promotions folder.

You will be asked to choose follow, unfollow and skip when you first link Gmail. Everytime you open up Groota app, if there is a new sender that sends you newsletters, you will be asked to choose too.

For brands and publishers that Groota has subscribed to and pre-processed, their newsletters can be followed or unfollowed.

I didn't see the option to link my Gmail.

This function is only available for registered users, or those who sign in through Google.

When I linked Gmail, not all emails in Promotions folders are moved.

When you first link your Gmail, Groota only moves the newsletters in the last 2 months, and future emails.

Are you going to read, or make copies of my promotional emails?

Groota pulls promotional emails through Gmail APIs, and saves them at your local device. We DO NOT make copies of your promotional emails and save them to cloud or our servers. We do not pull emails in Primary, Social or other folders. We only process emails under Promotions folder.

more about linking Gmail account

When I link my Gmail account, will you get my password?

No. Gmail will not give us your password. Once you initiate linking Gmail, Gmail will ask you to login to Gmail first (so Gmail knows it's you), and then gives us a token to call Gmail APIs to pull emails. In short, Gmail sits between you and Groota. Everything we do needs to go through Gmail with the token. We also use the token to move emails from Promotions tab to a folder called "Groota".

You can un-link Gmail anytime.

Do you peek into my personal emails?

No. Unlike some of our competitors who scan through ALL your emails, and determine which ones are spammy, Groota only processes emails sorted into "Promotions" tab. We don't read emails in other tabs/categories. We only read emails labeled "Promotions" in Gmail.

I have emails of a brand in my Gmail account, but I don't see its newsletters in Groota home feed.

We only process the emails sorted into Gmail's Promotions folder. If the emails from that brand are sorted into your Primary tab, Groota won't handle them. To view the emails from that brand in Groota app, please drag the email from the brand into Promotions tab.

Can I link multiple Gmail accounts?

We do not provide the feature to link multiple Gmail accounts at this point.