Groota AI: Your Newsletter Insights

Power your newsletter strategy with AI.

No data scientist required.

Strengthen newsletter marketing strategy with the tools you need

Newsletter Analysis

Discover trending keywords and high-conversion subject lines to improve engagement.

Competitive Analysis

Compare your newsletters to your competitors' and craft a stronger strategy.

Enhanced Reports

Benchmark your performance with industry leaders and get reports with the competitive context.

Simplify complex newsletter marketing reports in customized contexts

With Groota AI, you will get the customized reports in less time. Our platform provides easy customization and quick deliveries, so you will always be ready to share and present your latest insights.

Customizable Dashbaords

Create and customize reports with a list of industry-leading brands or with your competitor list. You can convert the reports with a wide variety of charts, tables, and graphs to help you communicate with collaborators.

Easy Exported Reports

Export reports in Groota AI and share them with clients or team members. Our platform allows you to export charts, dashboard configurations, and reports in a variety of formats, including PDF and CVS.

Ahead of The Curve

Configure live benchmarks based on industries and stay informed with in-depth analysis. Our real-time reports will help you stay ahead of the curve.