Free from Thousands of Promo Emails with Groota

Break Free from Spammy Promotional Emails

Because most of them are junk to you.

For those promo emails that deserve your attention, Groota helps you find them faster.

Lightweight, Private and Fast.


Considering unsubscribing? What if you have 200 brands to unsubscribe? Your time is too valuable for that! Choose "follow", "unfollow" and "skip" to decide where your promo emails should go. It's that simple.x


All your emails from Gamil stay at your local device. Groota only processes emails sorted into Promotions folder by Gmail.

In other words, we don't make copies of your emails, and we don't peek into your personal emails.


Use filters, categories and keyword search to find promotions and contents from senders you follow. Unexpectedly, our users often find promotions and contents they were unaware of.

This is the world we want to live in

Why we built Groota

This was taken from Ru's iPhone before she built Groota.

How did she end up like this? (No, she is not a shopaholic.)

You buy a product from a brand in 2010, and they have been sending you promotional emails almost everyday since then, most of which you don’t care about.

On average, each Gmail account linked with Groota has 200 brands and publishers that send emails almost everyday. It only takes a few weeks to end up with thousands of unread emails. How about a BIG BUTTON that kicks out all promo emails from the inbox instantly? That's why we built Groota. Think of it as a giant unsubscribe button. It’s that simple.

As consumers, we shop with emails, but we don't want the volume.

When you receive hundreds every week, it's easy to miss great deals from your favorite brands. That's why on top of keeping your inbox clean, we turn your promotional emails into a manageable feed in the Groota app, and give you search functionality and filtering capabilities to find the ones you care about.

Break Free from Spammy Emails Today

Leave them to Groota, and take satisfaction in a spam-free inbox.

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Redgallows -

With Groota I don’t need to dig newsletters out from hundreds of emails in my inbox or hundreds of bookmarks in different browsers!

Katy -

Managing email subscriptions is a pain. I love the features to follow and unfollow emails from a brand with one click, and it works with brands I imported from Gmail too.

We new friends!