Get promo emails and newsletters sent to Groota app, instead of your inbox.

You can follow & unfollow newsletters in Groota app like you do on Twitter.

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Groota turns newsletters into a custom, manageable feed.

Follow and un-follow newsletters instantly

Follow newsletters from your favorite brands with one click. You will never need to use your personal email to subscribe to newsletters again.

Import emails from your Gmail (optional)

When you sync with Gmail, Groota organizes the “Promotions” tab into a “Groota” folder and will then give you the option to follow or un-follow the newsletters in the app. Your preferences can be changed at any point. Learn more

Set alerts for individual brands

You choose the brands to get notified of or not, but you will still see all your “followed” newsletters in your main feed.

Join us in the new world of shareable emails without your personal information

Share a link or pin pictures with Groota, including those imported from your Gmail account.

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Why We Build Groota

When we mentioned "promotional emails", the response was consistent - people were rolling their eyes. Promotional emails are nuisances for most people. If they truly are, why is email marketing still one of the most effective ways to reach and retain customers? I mean people hate them right?

The most exclusive and relevant shopping deals, from cheap flights to Newegg coupon codes, and the informative content relevant to us, lies right in our inboxes. But who wants to sort through an overwhelming inbox?

We built the Groota app for you to follow newsletters like how you follow twitter feeds. Pick the brands you want to follow, and start viewing their newsletters instantly. Optionally you can link your Gmail account with the app, and all your promo emails under the “Promotions” tab will appear in the app. You can follow and un-follow brands from Gmail anytime.

Forget about 'unsubscribe', welcome to the new world of following newsletters.


We new friends!