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Set Yourself Free from Thousands of Promo Emails

Because most of them don't deserve your attention

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Groota removes the promo emails you don't want to see, and move the ones you care about into Groota app.

Free from unwanted promo emails

Thinking about unsubscribe? What if you have 200 brands to unsubscribe? Link your Gmail with Groota, and we will remove future promo emails from your inbox instantly, as if they never exist!

...but I do want to view promo emails sometimes

If you ever want to view promo emails, view them in Groota app. The app turns them into a custom, manageable feed so you can follow & unfollow them like you do on Twitter or Instagram. Groota helps you find the promo emails you care about faster with powerful search and filters.

Are you going to peek into my personal emails?

If you sync your Gmail with Groota, we only process emails under Gmail's Promotions tab. We have no interests in your personal emails and what your evil twin has sent you. (This function is available in our mobile app)

Why do I see the option to follow some newsletters that are not from my Gmail?

We pre-process promo emails and newsletters from thousands of popular brands and publishers, such as food recalls by FDA, or deals from restaurants (free taco anyone?) We believe some users might find them useful. Rest assure that we DID NOT use your email to subscribe to them. We use our own system to subscribe so you don't have to.

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